This game will be based on an alien planet in PL6. The planet was attempted to be terraformed, but a failure resulted in an atmosphere that mutated under prolonged exposure. The non-mutants live in atmospheric domes that protect them from the atmosphere and most of the mutants. Unlike zombie-like campaigns these mutants are strong, smart and organized. Though thier true intentions are unknown to the populice, the mutants seem to grudge against everyone without mutations, because they hold all the power. But do the mutants want to destroy them, or do they have other plans? Do they want acceptance? Do they wish to destroy the domes to mutate everyone? Only by playing through the campaign will the players find out.

Side quests that may happen are the location of the Experiments. Experiment 6 is encouraged to be a part of the PC’s it is not required. There is an unknown amount of Experiments, only I know the true amount, so your players would have to find out along the way how many need to be found, which can be reasoned with, and which can only be solved in bloodshed. Doctor M seems to have a lot to do with the Experiments, but is he really in charge or is he just being framed?

The First Mecha War