The First Mecha War

Escape Attempt

Experiment 6 has attempted four times now to escape from the facility that is holding him.
In the first attempt experiment 6 managed to reach the external door that led outside the dome. when experiment 6 went outside his body seemed to catch on fire and he kept burning until he returned to the inside.
On his second attempt Experimant 6 managed to make his way into the sewers but was quickly caught at a dead end.
For his third attept Experiment 6 tried to use his claws to dig a hole through his cell wall. This was quickly discovered and fixed.
On his fourth attempt Experiment 6 showed two remarkable abilities, it was dicovered that he could leap large distances and could stick to walls and climb almost like a spider. with little control over these unknown abilities he continues to crash into walls and make akward movements in this escape attempt.
After knocking down one of his guards and biting him on the neck experiment 6 felt a sudden craving and a bit of improvment to his health which had been deteriorating these past few days. Soon after this Experiment 6 was shoot by the other guard and fell unconsious.

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